Day 1

Ferry ride to Mayne Island

Brave or crazy, I’m still not sure. But here we are.


Me, six month old Miss Aurora, and our four-legged sidekick, Duke. Out in a cabin in the woods. On an island off the coast of BC. WHAT HAVE I DONE!? We sure are a long way from home! For our friends and family back in Ontario, I suggest you dispose of all worldly possessions immediately and get out here to the west coast, because it is even more beautiful than you could imagine, unless of course you’ve been here and then you know and are very jealous right now.

For the people who we are just meeting along our travels, here’s a little bit of our story.

Aurora and DukeMiss Aurora, at her still very young age, was born for adventure. Already she has travelled by plane (across the country), skytrain, automobile, ferry, sailboat and even a seabus! And she does it like a champ, especially cozied up in her Snugli carrier with Mom. Smiles are generously given to everyone who says hello, which for all her cuteness, is lots of smiles. She likes the songs Mom sings, snuggles with Duke, and is currently mastering the art of rolling all over the floor like a ninja.



My name is Selena and I am the blissfully blessed new mama to this bundle of joy. In my pre-mama life though, I had a pretty strong record for social, ecological and humanitarian activism across Southwestern Ontario including involvement and participation in the Occupy and Idle No More movements and the G20 Toronto summit, paired with a passion for innovative and ethically responsible business and social enterprise. I’ve planted lots of trees and gardens, and over the last few years I’ve found a love of art (which I display here on my other blog) and music making (which I hesitate to admit I post on my Youtube channel).


collective footprintsIn 2010, Collective Footprints (http://www.collectivefootprints.ca) was founded in Toronto, serving as a foundation for my efforts to find and work with “Change Agents”. People who demonstrate an above average level of initiative to change the world. Through business, through arts and music, through healing and wellness, however they (maybe you?) do it, they are doing it right. This mission led to hosting networking events and workshops, managing marketing initiatives and tradeshows, and overall strengthening the connections and sense of community among likeminded folks all across Ontario. This is when I gave myself the super cool job title of Community Animator.

This new adventure to BC is a continuation of this mission to find the people who are “doing it right” in leading sustainable, ecologically conscious lifestyles. I am in search of the who’s who and what’s what of all things awesome on the west coast, and that search has brought us here to Mayne Island. From here we plan to visit some of the other islands, particularly Salt Spring, and some folks in and around Victoria.

If you are in the Gulf Islands area and would like to meet and chat, drop me a line anytime at selena@collectivefootprints.ca or find me on Facebook.

Blissful blessings to you 🙂

Selena Flood


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