This last six months in the city has been quite a transition back to society after two years of raising Miss Aurora as a child of the forest. We will be back there again, but right now this mama is jumping back into my community building ways and finding myself in all kinds of strange places as I socialize myself to the working world all over again. Over the last two months I’ve been picking up odd jobs wherever I can find them, and I’m finding lots of them! So far I have worked around Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, New Westminster, Kitslano, and UBC. Next week I’m lined up for work in downtown Vancouver, Burnaby and North Van. Literally, all over the map. AND I LOVE IT!

I’ve also been a selfie snob in the process. Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been up to outside of my usual MAMA life.

Of course my first love is for my garden. Most of my summer I spent trying to launch Garden Mama Growing Services although I’d say it was an income neutral endeavor with the perk of lots of fresh tomatoes, salad greens, sunflowers, and seeds.



wp-1474001745879.jpgOf course my second love is the islands. In August I had a little working vacation that by magic found me stranded on Mayne for a night (talk about a blessing!) before heading onto my first large scale catering event in at least 8 years. I lived and breathed banquets for the first seven years of my working career which halted in 2008 from a car accident.


Here’s a couple pics from the morning wait for the ferry from Mayne to Galiano, and where I woke up the next morning after a 12 hour shift before getting ready for serving Sunday brunch to a groggy crowd of wedding guest campers.



wp-1474014722228.jpgI picked up three days working temp reception at this desk. In other words I had no access on the computer, answered the phone a dozen times a day and otherwise amused myself with a book because there was nothing else for me to be doing. I learned I have no interest in industrial sector work, even if I do get to catch up on my reading and taking snapshots of my cute outfit of the day.


I’ve done a bit of cleaning work but it’s not my favourite, even if the folks hiring me are super nice people. Especially not on Sunday morning as may be obvious from my “WTF am I doing to myself?” look as I scrub and vacuum the inside of this trailer.


wp-1474001636740.jpgI’ve also started doing some work with an event staffing agency that has found me in some really unexpected places. Could I ever have imagined myself working concession at BC Place for a sports game?




Today I was away from home for a total of 13 hours, only half of which was actually spent working at a pre-homecoming game barbecue on the UBC campus. The other half literally was spent on transit from Maple Ridge. Took a snapshot off the bus of “campus life”. There was too much glare on my screen to see that I was totally blocking the UBC statue I was trying to photograph in the scenery behind me. I need one of those selfie sticks. Tomorrow is the big game but I’ve got another gig already lined up.

Wwp-1474001566312.jpghat’s most exciting is for the next two weeks I am working on a project to survey passengers on the West Coast Express, giving me the incentive to get up and get downtown everyday to branch out even further in my efforts. I’m looking for odd jobs during the day between the morning and evening trains and although I’m booking up quickly I do still have some time free for anyone who might be interested in hiring me for a day or even a few hours of doing something helpful.

You can click here for my Craigslist post with more details. 

This journey is far from over. And maybe it’s just beginning again.