What is this feeling that I am feeling? This shifting, shaping, melting, breaking of the past and the growing, creating, making and manifesting of the future…what is the word for something so beyond words. It is hope. It is courage. It is strength. It is faith that there is enough of us. Because there is.

There is enough of us. Us who see a world more beautiful, kind, caring, gentle, blissful, joyful, magically forming into existence. We see it, we live it, we are it. We are the caretakers and guardians of our home on this sacred earth. This precious, fragile, ferocious, resilient earth to which we owe the blessing of our lives.

There is enough of us. To stand, to speak up, to share the message and shine our dreams into the sky for all to see. There is enough of us to wake the sleeping sheep. To rumble the ground until the giants rise to see what all the commotion is.

There is enough of us. Who have undergone the painful process of stripping away all that we are told and sold and taught to be, and uncovered our own realness, our vulnerability, our wounds, our brokenness in a world overrun with judgement and shame and guilt and indifference. There are enough of us who know what it is to bleed our hearts into the ground with tears of sorrow for all we lost of who we once were, and somehow found a way to lift ourselves up, raw and rich with a new understanding our own depths and enough strength to reach to the stars once again.

There is enough of us. A whole forest of us big enough to cover all the hostility and anger and fear in our shade. To bring protection, comfort, nourishment and tenderness to those who have not ever known what it is to feel loved. Who have not ever known a moment of peace because all they knew was how to fight.

There is enough of us to change the world.