Mount Parke Trail to the Ridge

WOW! What an EPIC HIKE! This afternoon our little crew had a big adventure to what I’m told is the highest point of the island at Mount Parke Park. To get from our cabin to the top of the ridge and back down again took about four hours. I gotta say, trekking around this island with little miss attached is sculpting me into one super buff ninja mom!


There really is nothing like the forests here, untouched by any human development. People are very respectful and I didn’t see a single piece of litter in the park at all. In fact, the only other people we even saw was a couple that was on their way back down the ridge just as we got to the top.


Here’s a few more pics.


Trees that seem to never end



Reaching the peak



Duke and Miss Aurora having a rest



Enjoying our picnic time



Her “That was AWESOME MOM!” face