Water tanks that collect rain from the community centre roof for the gardeners to use.

Today our lovely neighbor invited us on a trip to town and on the way home we made a stop in to the Mayne Island Community Garden. I was surprised and impressed with how organized and established this garden is compared to some community gardens I’ve visited. Each plot is in a raised bed with it’s own water tap connected to the water towers that store rainfall from the community centre roof. It’s still early in the season but some folks have the early beginnings of leafy greens growing, protected from the hungry appetites of the island deer that would certainly love to get inside the fence line.


Garden plots, each with their own tap for watering

Garden plots, each with their own tap for watering

There are still plots available at $20 for the season, which I considered seeing as I brought my entire seed stock across the country with me. But since the garden is quite a distance from our house and it’s uncertain if we will end up staying on the island past July, I’m more inclined to offer up my gardening enthusiasm to the other folks here. If you are on Mayne and are in need of some help digging in the dirt, or need some seeds from my stock, please do get in touch. I love to garden simply for the joy of growing things, and am happy to help while I’m here. 🙂



Community gardeners shed, built from cob


Seashell Labyrinth just outside the garden gate


Garden Goddess