wpid-20140409_175518.jpgTonight one of our new friends on Mayne invited Miss Aurora and I for dinner for a treat I definitely took for granted before- PIZZA! Considering back home pizza has always been a staple, I haven’t had even a slice since getting on this island. But so worth the wait because this pizza was homemade with caramelized onions, peppers, and sausage and was the kind of perfect you expect from a gourmet kitchen. The doggie bag I was sent home with made for a nice midnight snack too.

I’ve also been sketching and colouring a bit recently. I tried to draw Aurora but I think it came out a bit weird. I’ve also done a little doodle comic strip featuring Aurora and Duke using pictures I’ve taken of them together as inspiration. This is what happens when you hide away in a cabin with a baby and a dog for three weeks.