Miss Aurora and Duke

I am in SO much trouble. It was inevitable but I swear Duke is a culprit in making matters worse. SOMEONE must have taught little Miss Aurora how to roll all over the floor in a flailing fashion. My days of putting her in one spot and expecting her to remain there are definitely, definitely over.  I already miss her tiny, fragile newborn state as she grows into a much stronger and mobile little person. Now I have decisions about running to save the day every time she rolls her head into the side of the couch and cries, or letting her tough it out and learn that’s just what happens when you go acting a crazy fool like the dog.


art show

In other news today, I got down to the library with the help of another lovely island lady just in time to drop off a couple of my paintings to be displayed at the eARTh art show tomorrow. I’m really excited since this is the first time my work has been on display in a show. Though I didn’t have much time to chat, I was amazed by some of the other work I saw coming in and look forward to meeting and visiting with a few people tomorrow at the opening. Maybe if you’re an islander who is reading this, you will come out to meet us. I’ll be sure to take some good pics for tomorrow’s blog.

Already over 2 weeks of this 100 Happy Days challenge I am feeling more and more awesomely happy every single day. What happens when I reach 100!?