The baby and the dog are sleeping, but I’m afraid a shutter sound may break the peace that currently exists in our cozy little cabin. These little moments are filled with happiness. Today was a beautiful sunny day and all it took was a post on the Mayne Island Facebook group to find a lovely lady who was willing to pick us up to go grocery shopping, and a couple other lovely ladies willing to pick us up for errands as well. This is such a beautiful community and it feels wonderful to know that as much as I’m seeking quiet time and solitude for my creative arts, that friendly neighbours willing to help are very close by.

I’m keeping this post short because I’m working on something special for tomorrow. In the meantime, one of my friends in the Collective Footprints Canada Group has been posting his self made inspirational videos that I’m getting a kick out of. Check out Andrew West if you need a Morning Routine to Be A Productive, Sexy Badass.