This is exciting. Like REALLY REALLY EXCITING! Like I even had a little happy dance moment with Miss Aurora to celebrate. collective footprints

Four years ago when I founded Collective Footprints, it wasn’t really a ‘business’ or ‘organization’. It was my own personal mission to seek out people doing inspiring and good work and help them connect with others with similar aspirations and efforts. And looking back, I feel quite accomplished in helping many people become friends and supporting many initiatives in flourishing. The people I call friends and that I follow in the footsteps of are quite an extraordinary bunch. It’s been an honour and privilege to have worked alongside so many beautiful souls, whether planting trees and gardens together, having a rockin jam session or were side by side leading rallies and flash mobs, I have learned so much from so many of you.

In January of last year, my world changed when I found out I was going to be a Mama. Everything else stopped. Footprints went inactive as I disconnected from the communities I loved. I stopped writing, singing, and making art. I definitely stopped going out to rallies or even community organization meetings. My life as I knew it was over, and in it’s place something even more beautiful was happening.

Miss Aurora is already a week away from being six months and now that we have our groove going, I sometimes get spare moments of quite time to myself. In those moments, that spark to reignite this mission is beginning to burn. But it is different now. Very different. You won’t find me playing medic or media person on the front lines of mass demonstrations anymore. Or organizing any fancy parties or flash mobs. What I’m in search of now is a more gentle path. One that will lead us to organic farms, gardens, ecovillages, and other friendly places like our little piece of heaven here on Mayne Island.  Places where people are sharing, caring and collectively choosing a kind and peaceful path. This is the view of the world I want to give my daughter.

What I can do now that I’m reconnected to the internet world is work my magic as a Community Animator through the  new Collective Footprints Canada Facebook Group. I’ve just moved as many friends as I could from my outdated pages and now people are already using the wall to share their inspiring work. I love it! If you want to share and post, please do. If your not yet a member and want to connect to over 200 other awesome amazing people that are working to change the world then click that link up there and send a request. What will all come of this? I’m not sure yet, but it feels like a step in the right direction.

imageAnd somehow even with all this blogging, we found time for a three hour hike today. I think this is one of the most beautiful spots I’ve found yet. We also caught sight of a snake and a sea otter!