So this blog has been sitting relatively inactive for over a year, and now in only a week of blogging I nearly tripled my previous record single best day for number of views. Grand total of 160 yesterday! That feels pretty awesome. That also feels like I should keep doing this. I have some inspiring aspirations for this blog as I travel and explore in search of the people and places that my heart tells me are doing important and good work – including but not limited to sustainable farming, local enterprise, healing, music and art. I’m already setting up some particularly awesome people to visit and will be taking lots of pictures. I will also be working on updating my non-existent About page to tell it like it is for people who are wondering where in the world I came from.

nap timeAnd if that wasn’t enough happiness, today Miss Aurora agreed that naps are the best way to spend Sundays. That gave me some time to scrub our laundry by hand since we don’t have a washer or dryer here. Oh the bliss. 😉