Many moons ago I was at a workshop hosted by Alex Baisley of the Big Dream Program and in his first few minutes he used a quote that has long since stuck with me. “Where there is tea, there is hope.” And ever since, I always think about that saying when I’m having a cup of tea. Just before coming out to this island I stocked up on loose leaf: peppermint, spearmint, chamomile, raspberry leaf, blessed thistle, dandelion…and I set them all out in front of the lovely lady I was staying with, and asked her to whip up some tasty blends which I have been enjoying daily. But what I was missing was a lovely teapot.

teapotI wasn’t particularly thinking of this when I embarked on the 5.3km trek to “town” with Miss Aurora in her carrier and Duke, our four-legged sidekick in tow to make it to the thrift store which is only open three hours a week. But as one of the shop workers was trying to find a place for it on the shelves I stole this sweet little pot right out of her hands. How much does this happiness cost? A whole $5.

On a side note, it happened again twice today. Officially now, in at least 7 of the dozen or so businesses on this island, I’ve walked in and the shop clerk has known my name. I made all of three posts on Facebook and the whole island knows my name. Luckily I find it more “small town charming” than “twilight zone freaky.” I think today I may let the Mayne folks know I’m blogging about them, all nice things of course. 🙂