My island life morning routine looks something like this.

Wake up to my little angel wiggling and squirming joyfully beside me. I’ve never been much of a morning person but she certainly is and those smiles of hers make it hard to wake up grumpy. Before anything and everything else, light the wood stove. Make a quick trip to the composting toilet and then get Aurora out of bed for her bum change. Put her in her Exersaucer where she entertains herself for about fifteen minutes. Get the hot water boiling, let Duke out for his morning pee. Turn on the computer. This morning there was a mini moment of panic when the internet didn’t kick in right away but a simple on and off of the power source and I’m back up and running. Make my morning coffee and gaze out the window for a moment, still in awe that I’ve found myself in this little cabin, on this little island, surrounded by pristine, untouched forest and steps away from the ocean.

Today the sun is shining and the skies are clear which could make a nice day for walking to “town”. Town is a small area of half a dozen shops and a very small library on the opposite end of the island. It’s a 5.3km walk each way which isn’t too far by my standards, but a bit more challenging with a 20lb sack of potatoes strapped on. We’ve made the hike twice now, once with the stroller and once without. Last time I felt like I walked into the twilight zone when three different people in different shops knew my name before I introduced myself. I knew Mayne was small but I didn’t expect that my few posts on the local Facebook page would draw so much attention. I’m told “young blood” on the island is rare and people take notice when newcomers arrive. Aurora is one of only a handful of babies here and was especially loved by the hardware shop lady who gifted her a baby toy off the shelf.image

Plans to adventure out are temporarily on hold until after lunch, which I might have a chance at making and eating while little miss has gone down for a nap. I may also take some of this precious quiet time to do more painting, which so far has been my favourite pastime. This piece is almost (but not quite) finished.